Real Estate Investors: What’s The Life Expectancy of The Current Perfect Storm?

This will serve as a nudge for some, a reminder of the historic times we’re in as it relates to real estate investment. Over the past half a century this is the first time we have ever seen anything even approaching this convergence of positive ‘storms’. Take for example:

  • Rising rents
  • Rising demand for residential rental property
  • Falling vacancy rates in the right regions
  • Rent/Price ratios harkening back to the 1950s.
  • The ability for ‘regular folk’ real estate investors to acquire property in blue chip locations.
  • The lowest investor interest rates since Truman was in office.
  • The ability to acquire property in faraway regions — safely.

This Perfect Storm has been raging for a couple years now. We have said it might have a 2-4 year life. I’m beginning to think four might be a bit much, but then again, my crystal ball is as reliable as yours, right? For all we know it could go on another several years. I don’t believe that, but it’s certainly possible.

The Take Away:  Regardless of the shelf-life of this Perfect Storm, when it’s over, it’s OVER. I suspect this incredibly beneficial window might be akin to Halley’s Comet, which only shows up every three generations or so.  We’ll see.  Bottom line?  If you have the ability to take advantage of it, what the heck could you possibly be waiting for? Years from now those who hesitated and lost will be telling epic stories of couldawouldashoulda. Those who take advantage will spin tales of the only positive Perfect Storm in over half a century — and how it helped produce their magnificently abundant retirement.

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