About Us

Whether you are moving to Cincinnati, Dayton or anywhere else in Southern Ohio, a Federle Agent will be close by to help you with all of your real estate needs.

With a history that dates back to 1968, Federle is one of the oldest and most trusted real estate brokerages in the greater Cincinnati area. We have stood the test of time by providing top notch representation to our clients. Whether it is traditional real estate, commercial, investment, or REO, our agents have it covered. In today’s real estate market, you need a brokerage that has the experience to get the deal done. Buyers and sellers can trust our experience to deliver the results that they expect.

Federle Inc., Realtors was founded in 1968 and is synonymous with real estate investing. While the heart of the brokerage has always been in real estate investing, it has evolved over the years into a robust full service brokerage that includes traditional real estate. That is because we understand our client’s needs. When interacting with our clients, we listen to what you need.

Whether you are a seller, buyer, landlord, or tenant, we ask the right questions and then listen. After a thorough discussion we can recommend a detailed plan that meets your objectives. Because of our reputation and longevity in the industry, we can assemble a team with the expertise to help you obtain your personal or business financial goals.

At Federle, Inc. our values are demonstrated through our agents. Their goal is to be continually informed of new growth areas, changing needs, and market conditions which influence our client’s objectives. We can provide you the experience, knowledge, resources, and client base to obtain buyers and tenants like no other brokerage can. We have been successful since 1968 because we helped make our clients successful.

Our reputation of integrity and professionalism has been the foundation of our company since 1968. We want you to benefit by becoming one of our many exclusive clients. Ask us how we can help you reach your current and future objectives.